2008 Honda S2000 Club Racer Apex Blue Enhancement Project

This time we are working on another Honda S2000 Club Racer in the shop after the owner saw we worked on the other Honda S2000 Yellow Club Racer in the shop and he is wondering if we can do the same thing to his car to make it look good again and also protect his car with the paint protection coating.

For people who wants to know the difference of the paint correction package. Check out HERE.

As you can see from the picture, the Voltex front bumper / Voltex double deck rear Carbon Fibre Spoiler just so aggressive looking than the factory Club Racer Style. Customer stated the downforce is much more than the stock CR body style. Wondering we will be able to get a ride with the customer over at the track 🙂



After the car got the front end painted, the body shop did the customer a favor to detail the car. However this special Honda paint requires additional skill set to finish down properly. The HALOGRAM aka buffer trails from the Rotary polisher needs to be taken care of over here. Also there are sanding marks that has to be removed to bring the gloss / shine out.



The condition when we get the car from the customer. Customer stated that he wasn’t able to take care of the car for the last few months because of his busy working schedule. He was hoping it’s not too late to take care of it now. We explain to the customer that future maintainence is very IMPORTANT to keep the car to look good. The protection coating will do a good job protecting it but the durability of the coating will decreased if you do not maintain it properly. Since the car is really really dirty and our shop do not provide “Traditional Car Wash”, the car was rinsed off in the Self Served Car Wash before coming in to the shop for the Paint Correction / Protection Coating Service.




Customer also suggested us to removed the factory spoiler like what we did for the Yellow S2000 CR as he wants that to look more “complete” – There are two set of trunk and spoiler for this car just FYI.


Paint Correction Before / After process

After the Paint Correction / Paint Correction Coating this Honda S2000 Club Racer just look amazing again. We hope you guys enjoy this blog.