2008 Honda S2000 CR Club Racer Enhancement Project

This Honda S2000 belongs to a great friend of us. Car is really special and unique as it is a CR (Club Racer Version). 699 Total Made and only 140 in the Rio Yellow Color. More information about CR Version. Car has been though many track events and the before pictures show a lot of battle scars on the car. Owner has been trying his really best to maintain the vehicle in the past but his new born baby has been taken up a lot of his time so the car has been sitting in the garage for the past year. Few weeks ago we heard about the J’s Racing Waza Meet at Inspire USA and we discuss with the owner why not we just do a good detail for the car and take it for the Meet & Show. End up we did more than what we supposed to do but we are so glad that owner is so happy to see and drive his car again. To many of us Family is the top priority and we understand that. However, most car guys love to get involve to their own car so we invite  the owner to help us out on the minor stuff so he can enjoy the moment with us in the shop.

Just a CR isn’t good enough for the J’s Racing Meet. RIGHT?


What about this ? More J’s racing looking now? That’s the reason why we want to show up to the J’s Racing meet because exterior is really J’s Racing modified and the car also has a lot of J’s racing goodies. We are just thinking that would be a great opportunity to show what we are capable in “Detailing” in the Show Car Scene. Many people has been contacting us about detailing their street / track vehicle but they were not so sure what can we really do. We hope you guys can find out the answer over this Blog.

We detailed – Paint Corrected both the CR front end / J’s Racing Front end & CR Rear End / J’s Racing Rear End. We were just thinking to do the J’s Racing style originally but we end up doing both as the Owner is trying to make us to do both. (Yes, the owner, we are just talking about you here) We are glad to show this car with the Nissan S15 Silvia Spec R at the same time over the show. Hopefully you guys did check out these two beauty at the show.

Job Performed
Track Car Prep and Show to Remove Track Grime / Tire Rubber Mark with Multi Stage Paint Correction to Remove Paint Imperfection / Defects to Bring the Color Depth / Gloss / Shine. We managed to remove the least amount of clear coat of the car during polishing as we know in the future the car will see the track event very soon.

Product Used 
Kamikaze Collection Infinity Wax on the Paint
Ceramic Pro Coating on the J’s Racing Carbon Fibre Spoiler
Ceramic Pro Wheel Protection Coating on the Wheel Face Only

Before Pictures

After Pictures with CR Body Style

After Pictures with J’s Racing body Style

If you have any question regarding for your Honda S2000 in Detailing, don’t hesistate to contact us and we are here to help you guys out.