2015 BMW F80 M3 Enhancement Project

We got in another BMW F80 M3 in the shop for Paint Correction / Paint Protection Coating & Paint Protection Film – PPF Job done by Spectacular Motoring*


This Super Low Miles CPO BMW F80 M3 has been considered maintained quite well actually and we were quite surprised the condition of the paint doesn’t require too much compounding stage to remove majority of the paint defects. The reason why the customer contacted us is mainly because he is getting tired to clean his car as the tar & bugs build up from the 680 / 880 Freeway.





White color vehicle always tricky to watch for paint defects but with our special light we were able to search the hard water spots build up in the back of the vehicle (Trunk / Taillight / Rear Bumper etc.)




For the F80/82 M3 M4 we know that the brake dust issue on the wheels / brake caliper is quite major so we suggest the customer to get the wheels and brake caliper coating. In additional coating the wheels and brake calipers we also coated the exhaust tip. We normally do not do much water-beadings shots but we were able to captured the water beads around the exhaust tip after we pulled the car out to the customer from the shop.




We also suggested to replaced the factory clear bra piece on the quarter panel to XPEL as the factory clear bra pieces also changed to slight yellow color.




Piano Black Trims on the BMW always need some serious paint correction here !


After all the paint correction / paint protection film / paint protection coating. This BMW F80 M3 is ready to get driven around the city !

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