2015 Subaru WRX STI Enhancement Project

This 2015 Subaru WRX STI (Pearl White) came to our shop straight from the Subaru Dealership once the customer picked up the car. Customer wants to get the full exterior surface corrected and protected so we go for Ceramic Pro Gold Package with Full Paint Correction. Since the customer ordered the car from the dealership and scheduled the appointment with us before picking up the Car, we suggested the customer to inform the dealership not to perform any Dealer Prep for the car. We strongly recommended not to have the dealership perform the Dealer Prep for your brand new vehicle if you want us to perform the New Car Preparation and Protection Service. We and Your Brand New Vehicle will appreciate a lot for that because we normally can avoid unnecessary paint correction on the paint (Less Clear Coat to be removed !!) and just perform polishing service on the paint to remove MINOR paint imperfection / enhance the true gloss & Shine on your Brand New Vehicle. That also save you some money in your pocket. WHY NOT?

We know it’s scary to buy the car like this condition and pick it up from the dealership but dirt / build up is not what caused you the most of the New Car Prep Service. What cause you the most is the Paint Correction so keep that in mind when you try to purchase your new car in the future.

Why we tell you the truth ? We could charge more if we have to correction more paint imperfection. However, we want to preserve your original paint on your car because we are Car Enthusiast. We know nothing can match the ORIGINAL Paint. It’s almost impossible to repaint your car just like ORIGINAL.

We also suggested XPEL ultimate paint protection film to the customer also concerning about the Rock Chips on the Subaru Soft Paint as Paint Protection Film is a much superior protection product for physical damages like rock chips / road debris / bugs etc. We then apply Ceramic Pro Paint Protection Coating on top the the film and the rest of the car for the protection purposes.

About a year later, customer wants us to Coated the New Wheels he purchased (Rays Engineering Gram Light 57DR) so we figured it will be a good time to snap a few good pictures to check the condition of the paint / protection coating especially we are taking of orignal wheels off the car to see how easy the brake caliper can be cleaned up even with the High Performance Braking system equipped on the Subaru STI.

Job Performed – Full Paint Correction, Ceramic Pro Gold Package, Wheels off car | Ceramic Pro Wheels and Brake Calipers Protection Coating Package