2015 Tesla Model S Enhancement Project

This Blue Tesla Model S definitely needs some love from us. Customer got our information from his friend that came to the shop before. He was wondering why his friend Tesla just look so much cleaner / shiner because they brought the same car pretty much at the same time. Generally speaking Tesla paint isn’t easy to be maintained as they tends to be softer than other car manufacturer. Improper wash method or even just wiping the paint can swirl / mar the paint easily. Size of the Tesla also scares people away when they try to wash it themselves as well.

The Tesla is pretty much daily driven, parked outside when at work and garage when it’s charging in the house. Most people garage their Tesla at home when charging. However, just little bit more than a year the car just doesn’t look like a new car anymore.  Somewhat it just doesn’t justify the 100K “Luxury Car” Price Tag. So customer decide to contact us and try to see what we can do to make the car look good again.

Customer made an appointment with us in an afternoon. Came in with the Tesla Model S and let us check on the condition of the vehicle so we can better estimate the quote. Our pricing are based on the condition of the vehicle so that’s really important to bring in your car to the shop for the estimate.

Customer decide to go for Paint Correction and Paint Protection Coating Originally but since we know the car will be a daily driven car and the 880 Hwy just have tons of rock chips flying around. We recommended the customer to get the XPEL ultimate Paint Protection Film Partial Kit to Protect the Front end of the vehicle. Customer understands the Coating is more for Chemical Resistance / Easy Cleaning / Extra Gloss but for Physical Damages has to to teamed up with Paint Protection Film so they agree to spend the extra money to get the vehicle protected. Many customers thought the bumper can be easily repainted for the same amount of money investing in the paint protection film. However, for tesla this type of specific vehicle, all work done has to be done by authorized shop so the cost will be different. Also, preserve the original paint can keep the resale value a lot higher than repaint. With Paint Protection Film you don’t have to worry as much to drive around anymore. Just drive and enjoy is just much more fun !

We also notice the white leather seat needs some clean up so we offer the customer to get the Ceramic Pro Leather Protection Coating in order to make the clean up easier. We highly recommended this product to our customer because it does make your leather cleaning much easier when you see the dirt / grime on the leather seat. The durability is about 1-2 years for a daily driven car from our testing vehicle

Work Done List:

Level 2 Paint Correction
Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film Partial Kit (Credited to Spectacular Motoring, our join adventure team
Ceramic Pro Silver Package Protection Coating on Paint, Wheel, Glass, Trims, 2 Front Leathers Seat

Over the pictures here you can see how many damages cause from the traditional car wash places and just a couple washes in about a year the Tesla paint job is pretty much destroyed. If your car does look similar to these, expect the Level 2 Paint Correction to bring it back to decent condition or even Level 3 Paint Correction to high perfection level.

The Work Progress

After all the work done to the car just make the car to look new again. We are happy the customer with the result and enjoy their Telsa Model S again.