2016 Mazda CX-3 New Car Preparation and Protection with Ceramic Pro Silver Package

This time is a 2016 Mazda CX-3 come in to the shop for the New Car Prep Service and Ceramic Pro Silver Package. Customer brought the car from the dealership about 2 weeks ago but wasn’t too happy about the car doesn’t look “Brand New”. He wasn’t too sure if the dealership can do anything with it so he did some research online. He “google” us out and contact us if we can make his brand new car to look “Brand new”. We made an appointment with him to stop by the shop over the weekend so we can do the demo for him and also take a look of his car to see what’s wrong with his “brand new” car.

After the surface prep of this Mazda CX-3, we noticed a lot more imperfection was just “Hiding” under the glaze. Glaze is a product to hide / cover up the paint imperfection of the car and it is not a durable protection to the car. In our shop we remove the paint imperfection by polishing but not hiding the imperfection with glaze. We are glad that the customer understand the situation and upgrade to the Level 2 Paint Correction instead. Normally Brand New vehicle with low miles just required Level 1 Paint Correction and apply the protection coating but there are chances Level 2 or even Higher Level or Paint Correction is required to bring the paint to the desirable condition.

Here is the condition when we got the car dropped off from the customer. It’s raining for the past week so we expected dirt / road grime here. We believe the pictures shows the New Car does need some Protection here as the car already look quite dirty here in just two weeks. Most people think new car doesn’t need much protection as the paint is new. However, may be ask yourself why you putting screen protector on your brand new cell phone? Protection is always required even it’s used but it’s much better to protect when it is new. The early the better when you try to the protection.

Here is the condition after the paint correction and the Ceramic Pro Silver Package Protection Coating Package. Does it look like “Brand new” to you now?

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