2017 Ferrari 488 GTB Enhancement Project & 3M Window Tint

Thank you so much for Bing @ Simplicity In Sound connect us for this special project and Thank you so much for Greg & Sidney @ AutoMall Tint Specialist working with our schedule to get the tint done in time.

This brand new 2017 Ferrari 488 GTB got a very special package of us since it’s really different than what we normally offer in the shop. Very dedicated and documented process for what we have done to the car and then report to the customer what we suggest to get done to the car.

The car got a really really “Nice Upgrade” for the stereo system as what we heard from Bing @ Simplicity in Sound. I guess the people who knows about sound system should get the idea how good is the system from this picture. What we like the most is that the install is still remained the factory look and we believe the craftsmanship of them just amazing.

After the 3M window tint done by Auto Mall Tint Specialist. Don’t forget to ask us the package deal with the 3M Window Tint if you get the Paint Correction / Paint Protection Coating Service from us.

We normally do not provide the interior clean up for car unless for special circumstance. For this vehicle we know it’s just wood dust and wires so we are able to provide the service for this vehicle. Here are the interior shots of the car.

This time we don’t provide the before shots for the car since we believe the after shots are good enough to show you guys how gorgeous this car looks for now.

After the Ferrari we are going to finish up the Porsche Cayman GT4 project as seen from the picture. The funny thing is the Ferrari Customer also get the Porsche Cayman GT4 as well so he was like How come both of my cars are here. We are looking forward to working on more projects with you soon.

If you have any paint correction / paint protection coating / new car prep / window tint / paint protection film, please contact us soon and we will be waiting for you call & email.