2017 Jaguar F Pace S Enhancement Project

A couple months of wait and finally the car is ready for the customer. However, the customer wasn’t so happy with the condition of the paint finish and hopefully we can work our magic to bring his new car to “Look New” and then protect with the Ceramic pro Protection Coating to preserve the finish.

Customer brought in the car and wanted to hear from us what do we think about his “New Car”. We were surprised to see the car since we haven’t seen the Jaguar F Pace yet but what surprised us is the paint finish really need some help there.

Customer wants us to “Fix” aka Paint Correction the paint, Ceramic Pro Protection Coating both exterior and interior for his Jaguar F Pace. Customer also stated that the “Piano Black” Trims are additional equipment and the Red & Black Interior Seat are special ordered so please pay additional attention to those parts. We showed one of the cars that we are working in the shop that has “Black Piano” Trims and Red Leather Seat and he already knows his car is going to “look new” after our magic.

During the process of Paint Correction.

After New Car Prep, Paint Correction & Protection with Ceramic Pro Protection Coating Inside & Out.

Finally, the Jaguar F Pace – R looks what it is supposed to be. Many customers called and wondering why new cars still need to be paint corrected in additional to the New Car Preparation Service. Hopefully this blog post can help explaining to get the “Paint Dial in” isn’t just for collector vehicle only. If you have concerns about the paint finish of your car, please don’t hesitate to contact us now.