2017 Jaguar F Type – S Enhacement

The time blog is for a customer’s Certified Pre – owned Jaguar F Type S

Customer came in to the shop and wondering what can be done to protect his new investment. He also concerns about the minor scratches on the paint and hope we can fix it at the same time.

We explain to the customer the car needs to be “Paint Corrected” in order to get the true shine of the black paint finish and minimize the deep scratches.

Car is in the shop and under the inspection light. We then send a few picture to the customer about the “Paint Defects” those will get taken care by the Paint Correction Process. The pictures explain well enough to the customer the car finish actually not in a really good shape and it does need higher level of Paint Correction and additional time. It’s very difficult to tell your customer that the paint finish isn’t in good shape when they think their car is in good shape. Luckily our customer are very understandable and they believe we are the professional to tell them the truth about what can be done to make their car and make it “really” looking good.

Customer made an appointment with us and want to see how the car looks during the Process. He was shocked with the pictures that we sent him under the inspection light even though we sent him the pictures during the paint correction process. When he comes in and see the car in person, he is surprised the scratches are gone and the black is really looking black now. The pictures are not lying to him at all. He is really excited to see the final result.

scratches and swirl mark before

scratches and swirl mark after

Before and After Paint Correction – After – Left , Before – Right

Finally the Jaguar F Type – S is looking what it deserves.

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