1997 Acura / Honda NSX NA2 Berlina Black Enhancement Project with Kamikaze Collection Enrei



Finally the blog get to updated a little bit. The NSX projects have been going on and on in the shop for the previous few months. Really appreciated to those who have supported the shop and giving us the trust to work on their NSXs.

This is the first NSX project we worked in the shop. So stay tuned for the coming few other NSXs blog in the near future.

We have been talking with this NSX owner for months as he personally called himself – “OCD” with the paint finish. He wasn’t too sure if we can be really impressed him with the “Paint Correction” & “The paint protection coating product / service” as he has past “detailing” experience wasn’t fully satisfied. After months and months discussion and checking our finished projects in the shop he finally made the decision to get the Kamikaze Collection treatment to the NSX.

This NSX we Perform multi-stage Paint Correction to bring the color / depth of the Berlina Black Color. The main goal for this car in terms of paint correction is to maximize the paint correction level but removing the least amount of the paint (In order to Preserve the Orignal Paint). Some of the pictures you may be able to look for the deeper defect but since the car has been over 20 years old, normal wear and tear on the original paint CANNNOT be avoided no matter what. Fully removing the defects isn’t RECOMMENDED as those collector cars normally have less amount of paint to be worked with (Detailed multiple times previously).

Paint Correction process here we go.

Spoiler removed here to get the access to clean then polish.



The black trims are what we paying additional effort there. The Rupes Nano IBrid is doing it’s job here.




Don’t forget the Taillight here !


Cleaning up the bottom of the Side-skirt / Bumpers area.

After all the paint correction process and Kamikaze Collection Enrei Pro Coating. Can you believe the NSX already 20 years old? Enjoy and hopefully we will get to see your vehicle in the shop in the near future.

To know more about the Kamikaze Collection Product, please check out HERE.