E36 BMW M3 Bad Detailing Example and How can we fix that ?

Here is an bad example of an auto detailing job.

Customer contacted us about “Ghost Mark” can be seen under the sunlight and wanted us to solve the problem.

In the detailing industry, that is called “Halograms or Buffer Trails ” and it’s from poor polishing techniques by using buffer machine. It probably makes the car looks much better when the time you pick up the car under the shaded area. However, you could notice the “Ghost Mark “under the sun or better lighting condition. So think twice when you try to get your car “Detailed”. You could have saved your car paint finish or you will end up spending extra money to fix the problem.

Ghost mark on the paint under Sunlight (Halogram / Buff Mark)

All types of Paint Imperfection on the paint shown under sunlight (Buff Mark / Halogram / Swirl Mark / RIDS / Water Spots etc.)

With a Professional used polisher and the proper techniques we can help fixing those issues. In our shop, we prefer the use of the Rupes Big Foot Polisher / Dual Action Polisher (Made in Italy) to correct the automotive paint defects and bring the gloss & shine of the paint.