Add on Service – Debadged aka Emblems Removal for Paint Correction / Enhancement Service

We perform many Emblems Removal (aka De-badged Service) when we perform our Paint correction / Enhancement service as there are areas that the machine cannot get in to the area. It just doesn’t look completed if the emblems surrounded area cannot be corrected like the rest of the area. It may be reused if the emblems / badges condition are still good to put it back on. In the shop, we always try to explain to the customer what can be done and what cannot be done before we perform the job because it’s important we can meet the customer’s expectation and satisfaction. In this post, we included a few pictures showing how bad it could look under the emblems. When performing Paint correction / Enhancement job and even with Paint Protection Film Application, it’s important to make those area are taken care of as well.

** Ghosting Effect / Paint Imperfection may be not able to be removed completely especially on cars that has been aged / parking outdoor etc. It’s highly recommended to get the badges / emblems removed when you just purchased the brand new vehicle from the dealership. If it is just taking off of badges / emblems for paint correction and will put it back afterwards, then it will not be an issue / concern.