Montego Blue Mazda FD-RX7 Enhancement Project

This very “Original” Looking Montego Blue Mazda FD-RX7 came in for the yearly refresh for the 2016 Dublin Mazda Meet. We performed Major Paint Correction and Applied the Protection Coating last year and customer want us to bring back the shine again so he can attend to the 2016 Dublin Mazda Meet. He also requested if we can just do a little bit more to get the paint condition to it’s best condition.

This Montego Blue Mazda FD-RX7 is extremely low miles. Around 12.5-13K miles we did the work last week and it has about 19K miles this year. Guess the owner of the car just loves driving this beast a lot ? 6000 miles for this type of collector vehicle is considered quite a lot actually. We have seen cars only got driven like 100-200 miles in between the yearly touch up …

So glad the car came back with the Best Rotary  Award over at the Dublin Mazda Meet 2016 and we just so appreciated our customers believing in our work. It’s hard to let someone else that you just know earlier to work on your car … But yeah we tried our best to keep our quality standard


Guess that car didn’t look that bad after 1 year of driving ? Customer is happy with the coating as the maintainence is very easy to keep the car clean.


Very Mild Swirl Marks Here


Almost Perfect after 1 Year … Not Bad


Very Mild Imperfection here but not bad after 1 year


After a light polish to remove the mild paint imperfection. Kamikaze Collection Infinity Wax is applied for the extra depth of gloss & shine + Protection.


Here are the pictures we took after all the work has been done to the car

So lucky the customer let us to deliver the car to him in the Morning Meet before the show. Wish we have taken the interior shot but yeah…Check the interior shots from Courtney !!

Also we really have to thank you Courtney to help us taking amazing “PHOTOS” for this vehicle. Please check out her webpage and blog.

** Please don’t compare our pictures to her PROFESSIONAL photos ! That’s how we differentiate us than Professional Photographers as they take photos while we take pictures LOL

Please Enjoy the blog and let us know what we can help you to make your vehicle to look better.