New Car Prep & Protection Service

When we purchase a brand new vehicle from the dealership, we expect the car is in the perfect condition. Even the salesperson in the dealership will say “Brand new car is perfect so you do not have to worry about anything !” However, brand new does not mean that it is perfect. Why?

– Imperfection from the automobile manufacture

– Delivery / Transportation from factory to dealership (Rock Chips , scratches etc.)

– Adhesive residue / water spots / fall out contaminants was not removed properly and completely

– Improper washing method from the dealership (Wash line, Swirl Marks etc.)

– Improper polishing method (Sanding Marks was not fully removed and polished out, halograms by improper polishing techniques)

– Time constraint

– Test drive from the other customers / Show Room Vehicle etc.

It’s normal to get machine polish to remove paint imperfection of your brand new vehicle to bring the true shine & gloss to it’s full potential. Specific precautions are important to polish Brand New Vehicle and we have great knowledge and experience to do so. Check out our Paint Correction for more detailed information. On the other hand, new car does not come with any protection in general. It’s important to have the proper protection from keeping the good looking / daily driving abuses. Protection Coating is a much better product than traditional wax and sealant and it’s highly recommended to install the protection coating when the car is new.  Also, we offer Paint Protection Film and Tint service with our selected partners for the complete service. Paint Protection Film has been very popular product in the last few years to protect the delicate paint surface from rock chips / road debris / environmental contaminants (physical damages). It is just like you putting the screen protector to your BRAND NEW cell phone. The newer you install it the better it will be.

We offer several New Car Preparation and Protection Service & Packages for different car owners’ Wants & Needs.

Packages Available in

Different Stages in Paint Correction (Single Stage | Hybrid | Restorative)
Different Packages in Paint Protection Coating (Single Layer | Multi Layers)
Different Packages in Paint Protection Film (Full Front | Race Kit | Full Wrap | etc.)
  • Carzwerk-4467

    RIDs Random Isolated Deep Scratches on a Brand new 5 Miles Car Straight from Dealership

  • Carzwerk-4482

    Wash Line / Swirl Marks

  • Carzwerk-4507

    Adhesive mark

  • Carzwerk-4508

    Swirl Marks on the Black Piano Trims

  • Carzwerk-4461

    Hard Water Spots

  • Carzwerk-4790

    Sanding Marks

  • Carzwerk-3099

    Hard Water Spot Etching / Bird Dropping Etch Mark