Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R JDM RHD Enhancement Project

We got this special vehicle from Inspire USA. They are specialize in import vehicle parts / customization. Check them out at the webpage and also stop by their shop whenever you are around the area or need parts from them.

We have to get the car done for the WAZA meet Show at their headquarter with the other Light Modified J’s Racing Honda S2000 to show at the same time (even the Club Racer version, Only 699 is made in the US ! – Blog just got updated !) Time is very limited to get both cars ready for the SHOW but glad we made it !

The Nissan S15 Silvia Spec R is more special than the regular Spec S. The 6 Speed Gear Box and the Turbo Charged SR20 makes this car a lot more “Racing” Style. More information about Spec R vs Spec S.Carzwerk-7277

We only have 1 day to finish the car before the show so we have to be really be efficient on this project. Luckily we are able to perform Level 2 Paint Correction to the car, spot clean areas need to remove water spots (The Water spots build up from overseas are different than here as the water are slightly acidic, the color of the water spots build up are in brown color instead) After all the paint correction and detail we then applied Kamikaze Collection Infinity Wax (Combination of Wax & Coating) for the gloss & shine with GREAT protection. We decide to do this product instead of regular coating that we normally installed because the ease of application & the final result is more instant (Coating needs to be fully cured to get to it’s full potential). As the car will be touch by the car show people so we have to get the car protected as much as possible !

Kamikaze Infinity Wax in Action

Carzwerk-7202 Carzwerk-7201

For a 15 years old car, the car is actually not in that bad shape. Pictures show the wear and tear of the car but that’s normal. Paint condition is acceptable. Since this is a car that’s build in Japan so this time we use the full line of Kamikaze Collection Polishing System to get the paint restored. The Japanese polishing system works great and efficient for this Japanese Paint. We are glad with Morita San’s support over at Kamikaze Collection we can restored the paint to a decent condition for the show with the time constraints.

The car came with the Rays TE37 Matte Black Edition that is available in Japan ONLY. We have applied many Protection Coating for TE37 in the past and we were wondering why we haven’t coated any Matte Black color TE37 in the past. Now we figured out as certain color are limited to certain areas ONLY.


There is also one special thing about the taillight. The Yashio Tailight really makes this S15 stands out a lot more and lots more modern. It really makes people think it is a newer style vehicle. In additional, Headlight also got restored for this Nissan Silvia S15 to make it look more clean.


We also spent a lot of time to Perfect the finish of the Carbon Fibre Hood. Most Carbon Fibre parts need to be polish to get rid of the imperfection such as Sanding Marks / Halograms / Swirl Marks etc. to bring out the true shine of it. Over the Pictures here you can see the Carbon Fibre Hood shows a lot of imperfection and that really hurts the car looks.



We hope you guys will enjoy the blog. Let us know if you have any questions regarding to any car detailing issues / concerns and we are happy to help you guys out.