Paint Correction Service

The automotive paint industry has been changed dramatically in the last few years. Good news for us is that we got BETTER machine and supplies to get the job done in terms of the efficiency and end result. However, we have to understand what combo to be used for different type of paint and cars and the technology behind it. Proper machine polishing techniques with the latest technology of equipments and materials are important to Car’s Finish – shine, depth and clarity. Paint correction is also called (swirl / RIDS removal – cars with excessive wash lines, swirling, and marring), is a labor intensive process utilizing nano-technology abrasives (compounds and polishes). The art of safe, modern, and proper buffing techniques is what separates the true professional from all the rest.

We highly recommend the addition of one of our Protective Coatings application to help maintain your new finish for a long period of time after the paint correction process.

In our shop, we offer different level of paint correction depends on the paint condition and customer expectation. Please make appointment with us and come in to the shop for a better estimate.

** Many customers have misunderstanding once the car is paint corrected / paint coating protected they would never have to worry about the paint finish in the future but the proper maintenance by the customer is still required to maintain all the hard work we have done to the car. Similar idea is that you would still have to brush your teeth and use dental floss / mouthwash properly even you see you dentist regularly.

Paint Correction Enhancement Packages Offered

Single Stage Enhancement Paint Correction Enhancement
Great Transformation to the Paint Condition – One-Step Polishing can achieve 50-70% correction for swirls/ haze/ light defects for softer paint, 30%-50% for harder paints. There are a lot of variables to determine the correction level but we will approach for the maximum results under the budget and goal.

Hybrid Paint Correction Enhancement РCombination of Multi Stage Paint Correction on the upper surface that you usually focus on the car and Single Stage Paint Correction on the lower section. This service is for customer who wants the vehicle get the benefits from stepping up from Single Stage Paint Correction to Multi Stage Paint Correction but they can save $$ from going to the Multi Stage paint Correction Service. Most of our customer are satisfy with this service.

Multi Stage | Restorative Paint Correction Enhancement Service РThis service is for customer who are looking the best Paint Correction service from the shop. We will spend as much time as possible in polishing and correcting the imperfections / defects.

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Equipment – Rupes Polisher, Kamikaze Collection Japan Products, Scangrip Colormatch Inspection Lighting System

Chemicals & Supplies – Scholl Concepts, Sonax, Meguiars, Gyeon Quartz, Ceramic Pro, Carpro, etc.

We attended Esoteric Elite Academy in Ohio. “Esoteric Elite Academy where people from around the world can attend and learn not only the most modern and responsible paint correction techniques, but they will also be trained on on a wide variety of products and tools that they might not have had had exposure to otherwise. The training course is primarily for those already working in the paint correction industry who already have at least some level of experience working with machine polishing. Even if you have already been through another training schools, this will be a great opportunity for continued education.” It is important for us to keep up the latest technology and skill-set in the market in order to provide the best service to our customer.