TrackSpec Autosports Porsche 997 Track Beast Enhancement Project

Finally we get the time to finished the blog of the TrackSpec Autosports Porsche 997 Track Beast as this blog got too many photos to be processed. Yes .. it is … It has been over few months Jason “trying” to finish the blog.

This vehicle was chosen for the demo vehicle from Trackspec Autosports to show what the latest technology can help maintain the Track vehicle much cleaner and easier to be cleaned. Many customers that goes to track often have been impressed with the Ceramic Pro Protection Coating¬†for their track vehicle. The coating not only can be installed on the paint but also to the wheels / brake calipers/ trims / glass … you name it | we got the specific coating to protect it so don’t feel bad to ask us what we can do to protect the investment.

Over at the track, Road Grime, Bugs, Tire Marks, Brake Dust etc. are just sticked on the vehicle really bad and many of times the car owner has given up to maintain the exterior of the vehicle as they just say “it’s just a track car, it doesn’t have to be look perfect as long as the car runs fine” However, we strongly disagree with that statement as all vehicle deserves to look clean. It’s hard to keep it clean but doesn’t mean it cannot be done. Now, in our shop, with the Paint Protection Film & Paint Protection Coating (aka the Ultimate Protection Packages) EVEN your track vehicle can look just as clean as¬†regular street car.

OK ! Time for some pictures of the condition that we receive the vehicle.

Looks like yellow color hide imperfection really well but no worries, we know how to trace those imperfection and correct them in a safe manner (aka proper paint correction techniques)

The front bumper really good at sucking up those road debris !! Guess the upgraded bumper really makes the difference than the regular body style


Look at those Road Debris that we removed from the Bumper ! Yes ! The Brake Duct can trap tons of stuff inside


That leaf is BIG !


May be we saved 100-200 grams of weight ?


After the car is prep and it’s ready for the Paint Correction Time

Side Mirrors and Rear Spoiler have to be removed so the polisher can get into those area that never get to be polished. That’s the “Detail” we do ! Credit to Spectacular Motoring helping out removing those parts !

Carzwerk-4792 Carzwerk-4798


It really looks fine without the imperfection lighting but WAIT !


Oh ! Imperfection I GOT you !


The factory Paint Protection Film … Spectacular Motoring just cannot stand that at all ! Time to replacement it with XPEL ultimate Paint Protection Film ! We have our pattern ready for those who want to get their replaced.



Wheel and Brakes Caliper Before Condition

Carzwerk-5307 Carzwerk-5312

During the Paint Correction Process

After all the work ! Car is ready to be driven again ! Thank you so much Trackspec Autosports believing us and letting us work on the car.